Bintang Armada Consultancy

Bintang Armada Consultancy Sdn Bhd (BAC) is a business and private consultancy firm. We specialize in crisis management and resolution. Given today’s highly volatile business and societal environment, BAC is strategically poised to undertake the relevant risk assessment steps in order to mitigate uncertainties for our client’s best interest. We take great pride in our integrity towards upholding our client’s privacy and confidentiality. BAC provides comprehensive solutions to its client within the required time frame without compromising any current situation.

Corporate Philosophy


  • We deliver what we promise

  • Every assingment will be delivered without withhold of information.
  • Credible and Accurate information.


  • Readiness
  • Swift to respond.
  • Holistic Disposition.


  • Firmness of Mind and Spirit.

  • Unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger.

  • Devotion to the truth.

Client Testimonials

Please note that our cliental information is strictly confidential.

Really happy with the findings.Proved my suspicion was right. Thanks

The team managed to capture video in a very difficult situation, outstanding deliverables. Tq.

The report given by BAC simply solved my case. Bravo.

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Percentage of cases rising in Malaysia

Corporate Fraud - 65%

Marital Affairs - 79%

Fake Credentials - 45%

Financial Fraud - 95%