Corporate Investigation

Bintang Armada consultancy does various types of Corporate Investigations. Corporate Investigations are also known as Business investigations.

  • Intellectual property & Brand hijacking
  • Market study or survey
  • Supply chain integrity
  • Workplace issue
  • Pre/post-employment screening
  • Corruption within the organization
  • Vendor screening
  • Undercover operation

Business Investigations are tailored according to your needs and your business needs to:-

  • Find out whether a business partner is legitimate;
  • Find out whether a potential business merger makes sense;
  • Find out whether fraud or embezzlement is going on;
  • Give you the tools and information you need to make sure that your company is successful;
  • Ensures that your business partners and employees are genuine at all times;
  • To safeguard yourself and stay on top of any internal theft, fraud, security penetration, or sexual harassment issue;
  • Help to keep you and your company advanced from your own business competitors;
  • Ensure brand compliance monitoring;
  • Ensure that the companies you entrust with your business are safe and effective;
  • Help you to get the appropriate compensation;

Besides, Corporate Investigations can be done in several ways depending on the seriousness of the case. Our Consultant and Investigators are experienced business Investigators who have knowledge of the law which leads them to legally gather evidence so that it is even admissible in court. Our Consultants will advise you accordingly to use the right tool.

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